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Characterization And Utilization Of Clays From Origo And Awo Southwestern Nigeria Abstract:This study discusses the possible industrial applications of clay from south western Nigeria based on mineralogy and chemical composition. Qualitative and quantitative X-ray Diffractometric Studies (XRD) was performed on 10 clay samples, while X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometric analysis was performed on 15 clay samples. The XRD was carried out on both unoriented and oriented samples. Mineralogically, kaolinite is the dominant clay mineral while smectite occurs in small amount, and the non-clay mineral identified include quartz, mica, feldspar, goethite, and gibbsite. The concentrations of SiO2 range from 42.45 % to 71.56 %, Al2O3 from 14.00 % to 36.73 %, Fe2O3 from 0.18 % to 12.43 %, K2O from 0.23 % to 7.24 % and H2O from 1.21 % to 6.5 %. The percentages of K2O, CaO, and MgO are in consonance with the relative chemical mobility of the elements during the process of chemical weathering which accounts for the high percentage of kaolinite. The clays are residual in nature which is obtained as a result of chemical weathering of pegmatite. The high kaolinite content makes the clay suitable for refractory composite 1 2 11 17 5 14 79 109
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